What is Periscope many ask, but never seek to find out what this social media platform is about and how it began. Periscope is simply Twitter’s live video streaming app. The app enables you to connect to your personal Twitter account to share to your followers when you “go live” on your mobile device . Periscope allows for you to become your own broadcasting platform and you can have as many people join as you may desire.

As you have all heard of the famous Instagram which is a photo sharing application that allows you to publicly or privately share photos, and videos. The application has also recently emerged with the app Boomerang and created its own live feed within the app. By Instagram making their own live feature this causes for competition with Periscope. Instagram keeps adding enhancements to outshine smaller social media channels so they can dominate the market.

News.com.au discusses the new features Instagram has pushed which include two main features

  • Live Streaming – Instagram has mimicked Periscopes main feature by allowing their followers to go live. There is a now a Icon that states live under the icon when one of your friends or public person goes live. You are also notified when someone you follow decides to go live. This is a negative impact for periscope because many people use Instagram for their photo sharing feature that has been enhanced tremendously since the social media channel was first launched. Facebook is dominating the market by being the one stop shop for individuals.
  • Stories – Instagram has also challenged snap chat by featuring stories with drop down add such as location, time, and more to their platform. At the same time Snapchat is challenging Periscope by offering a live feed feature.

Periscope is pulling ahead of their competitors by their 2 million loyal active users who check the app everyday. Initially Periscope was competing with Meerkat and Camio, but Periscope was able to beat out Meerkat by the added feature in which you can re-watch the streams for up to 24 hours. Periscope also allows you to directly communicate with the streaming user. Investopedia.com gives insight on Camio who was created by a former google employee. This platform has the same features as the two above but the intent use for the app differs along with its target audience. The purpose of Camio is to serve as a monitoring system, if you want to use more than one camera as a monitoring system you must pay a personal or commercial fee.

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