With Periscope you can live stream anything from cute animals at the zoo or a crisis event that is currently happening that news reporters might be to slow to get to, but how does the IA & UI fit the audience?

Information Architecture is important to keep users engaged once you have them interested this can be the convenience of the app, design, updates to the app and more! Once you find out who your customer is why not keep them interested by trying to build a connection with them through the appearance of your app. IA is the science behind building the perfect demonstration of whatever it is your representing. The people using periscope want something simple to access because they most likely have a million of other things they could be doing. Periscope gives you the function ability to view content on the whole screen. When you download the App you have 2 options to sign or login so overall it is a easy process. Over the years Periscope has tweaked its initial appearance to fit those needs of the target audience and enhancing content on the page.

User Interface 


  • Periscope has a simple interface allowing viewers to see the whole screen without disruptions versus periscope competitor Meerkat. One key feature to having a successful social media platform is a simple easy minimalist look. That is why for instance apple dominates the market versus Android. Meerkat and Periscope are the 2 main competitors in the live stream industry, but Meerkat Interface isn’t as beneficial because all viewers and comments are shown at the top of the page which takes up a large portion of the screen.


  • Periscope saves your streams and lets you replay them up to 24 hours later. This feature is really neat on Twitter because someone could have been doing a Live stream for up to a hour and you can re-watch the whole thing as if you actually see it. You can also see the comments replayed that were posted during that live feed.
  • Periscope doesn’t have many Buggs

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