After researching and learning more about this social media channel I think that Periscope is on the rise to dominate the market in live streaming regardless the competition who is using some of their tactics. Marketers should use this social media platform for business purposes it seems ideal to get the job done and its easy to use. There are so many ways to let your business thrive via Periscope. You can gain customers by advertising your products live and retain customers. I do think this is the best social media channel for bushiness advertising products. I would compare as the QVC of social media for advertising.

Innovation Trigger: “This method lets the people viewing your Periscope broadcast feel like they are the insider,” James Blews, an online marketing and SEO consultant (, said. “They get to see a walk-through of how your product is made, in real-time. Not only does this show the quality, but it can also give them a more trusting feeling of the behind-the-scenes that most business just do not.”

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Peak of Inflated Expectations: Many companies have used this channel to become successful for example Precision Hawk, an aerial data collection company who used Periscope to demonstrate how their unmanned drones gather information. (Business Daily News). You can research many successful businesses who were able to thrive off this social media channel.

Trough of Disillusionment: Competitors are trying to become Periscope so they have to find news ways to stay innovative and resourceful for current users. By finding news ways to interest their current customers they may down have to face any downfall to the market. I mean Periscope is the biggest Live Stream trend right now that offers that as its main feature.

Slope of Enlightenment: By Periscope creating new technology within the app they will be able to gain more customers and get people excited about new things. This will peak the number of users actually using the mobile app.

Plateau of Productivity: Mainstream adoption starts to take off because the industry realizes that the live feed is important to today uses. This is why Instagram and Snapchat have created a Live feature within their app.

By using the Hype Cycle Periscope can get people excited about new technology and features it may offer. You can get people educated on things before they are even released to the public. This is a good tool to use for Periscope to outshine Instagram feature.


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