Snapchat will definitely be one of the social media channels Periscope will clash with. Snapchat is a mobile sharing site that allows you to send and receive pictures and videos that will self destruct within one to ten seconds. These apps call for different purposes but can share some of the same purposes in which cause them to become competitors. These two apps are very similar to one anotherĀ in which companies use to interact with customers. There are important differences that many should learn between the two.

  • According to Periscope allows for a real time dynamic connection with your audience. For example if you are showing a demo of how a product works the audience is able to ask questions and get answers immediately versus just watching a video.
  • Periscopes connection with twitter is also a winning factor for the channel versus Snapchat who stands alone facing Instagram who is owned by Facebook. Twitter allows periscope to get a tremendous amount of views thanks to hashtags.
  • The benefits of using Periscope include the collection of relevant, usable statistics, from number of viewers (live and replay) to amount of time your video is viewed
    according to

Business Aspect : Companies have now started to use Snapchat as a advertising stream to drive revenue within the company by promoting events, and news to the public. This is causing direct competition to Periscope.The was able to provide how Periscope can be helpful for businesses below

  • Product Demos
  • Tutorials
  • Showcase offerings
  • Live Q&A
  • Announcements
  • Customer Service


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