Who does Periscope attract to?

According to DMR Statistics seventy five percent of periscope users are males and females between the ages of sixteen and thirty  five. This can range from teens following their favorite celeb to people looking to expand their brand. Twitter spent over eighty million to purchase the app that now possess over ten million users. This social media channel is available in 25 languages and used from users around the world of many different cultures.

  • Business Owners – Businesses can use periscope for product demos, webinars, exclusive offers, to offer customer service and to build their brand. Periscope is a great social media platform for businesses to get new information or technology out instantly. When companies release new product that requires knowledge of the consumer to be able to successfully use the product Periscope allows for you to be able to hold a live presentation of how that product works.
  • Event Planners – Periscope allows an audience from all around the world to access your event even if they are physically unable to attend. provided me with information that the company has monthly start up events in which companies pitch their ideas in front of investors. This company has reached success by being able to use Periscope to reach a wider audience.
  • Recruiters – The NYC recruitment firm HR search partners has been successful by using this social media platform. By hosting a bi-weekly show to offer advice to people seeking employment that is also uploaded to YouTube.
  • Reporters / Journalist – Can use this platform to share industry news, and Periscope allows for any journalist or reporters to break that news instantly before anybody else can write about it. People watching your live feed can comment and engage with each other and you during the live stream.
  • Entrepreneurs – In any field can use this platform to make it in whatever they are trying to accomplish. For example many actors, actresses, singers, etc use this platform to connect with new fans, gain a following, and get people interested in who they are and what they do.
  • Teenagers – Use this app for FUN!

If you are branding yourself or building a brand, Periscope is the way to get it noticed universally by people everywhere. Many companies have been a proven concept that this channel works.